Shean & Andy // Pittsburgh Highland Park Engagement

You might recognize Andy from a previous portrait session I shot on the day he competed in a Pittsburgh body building competition ( With his spray tan faded, wearing more clothes, and arm candy by his side, we set out to Highland Park for an engagement shoot with his beautiful fiance Shean.

These two are just the sweetest. Since they LOVE working out (Andy is a personal trainer, and they actually met at the gym), we had to squeeze some pull-ups and dips at the end of our session!


_DSC3825 _DSC3981  _DSC4024




_DSC4062_DSC4077 _DSC4115  _DSC4146 _DSC4157   _DSC4231 _DSC4254 _DSC4277 _DSC4280

Anna Gilbert Zupon // Headshot Session

I’m a little late in posting this headshot session with one of my favorite people ever – Anna Zupon (better late than never right?)! She is my yoga teacher, mentor, and just the most beautiful person inside and out. I am so excited for her to start a new chapter in her life back home in LA, but Pittsburgh misses her dearly!

I’d like to call this shoot – the many faces of Anna!


Kathryn & Peter // North Shore Engagement

I had the honor of shooting one of my dear college friend Kathryn and her fiance Peter last week!

They are adorable as you can see, and we even got some running shots in since that is a huge part of their lives and how Peter proposed! You know what they say – couples who work out together stay together (at least I think I heard that somewhere before…). Can’t wait to capture their wedding in October at the Fox Chapel Country Club!


_DSC3391 _DSC3337 _DSC3357  _DSC3394  _DSC3432 _DSC3433  _DSC3468_DSC3465  _DSC3476


 _DSC3511 _DSC3524 _DSC3526


_DSC3626  _DSC3596

 _DSC3606  _DSC3661

Jake & Antonina // Mexican War Streets Engagement

I am so excited to share the this engagement shoot with you! Jake & Antonina are one of those couples that you can just tell are SO IN LOVE. I even started tearing up while editing this shoot because they were just so darn cute (disclaimer: One Republic’s “Good Life” started playing on Pandora while I was doing this so that may have been the tipping point).

Thanks to all the houses who let us borrow their doorsteps for this shoot!

_DSC3030_DSC2816_DSC2820_DSC2839_DSC2900  _DSC2904_DSC2944   _DSC3019   _DSC2959_DSC3024_DSC2973  _DSC2977 _DSC2990  _DSC2995 _DSC3004_DSC3014    _DSC3033 _DSC3044 _DSC3103 _DSC3110 _DSC3117     _DSC3130   _DSC3137 _DSC3141 _DSC3222 _DSC3240




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