these are a few of my favorite things

So I thought I’d start my first blog post (I know, I’m so late to this social media train) by introducing myself!

5 things I love (other than photography of course):


I started practicing yoga seriously almost two years ago, and it’s become such a huge part of my life mentally and physically. One of my goals this year is to become a certified yoga teacher so I can help spread and bring to others some of amazing things it’s done for me. More than just the physical poses, yoga is all about learning to control your thoughts and practicing compassion through realizing that all we are all beings in the same universe.


I grew up in the small town of Hershey, PA (Fun Fact – my first summer job was being the Hershey Kiss at Chocolate World), and fell in love with Pittsburgh when I did my undergrad at CMU. Coming from Hershey, I thought Pittsburgh was a “big city,” and was overwhelmed by all the amazing culture, restaurants, neighborhoods, and history. My favorite things about Pittsburgh include the Steelers & Penguins, the Duquesne Incline, and eating my way through the Strip District.


I am completely obsessed with getting a white baby French Bulldog one day and just cuddling with it ALL THE TIME. I even have a fake Frenchie dog pillow named Hank (he looks so real doesn’t he?!) That’s Hank with my boyfriend Art. We are currently looking to buy a house so that we can make Hank real!
hank the frenchie pillow
“The world is a novel, and those who don’t travel read only a page.” 
I was born in Taiwan, but moved to Alabama (I know what you’re thinking…who the heck lives in Alabama?)  but my whole extended family is still in Asia. I don’t know if that’s why I have such an urge to see the whole world, but I have been over 20 countries and have so many more on my list! A few years ago, I was lucky enough to take a 4 month hiatus and travel all around Europe and Asia which is when I started playing around with my first DSLR. A little blog of my trip here starting from London and ending in the Philippines: Eva’s Fun Times Blog.
Traveling pushes you to be in unfamiliar situations and talk to strangers – both things I happen to love! Next trip: ICELAND in September!
Below: one of my favorite travel photos from the monkey forest in Bali. This was not a zoo, and the monkeys are just free to hang out as they wish, which means jumping on your shoulders and stealing the bananas you are hiding! 
It sounds so cheesy, but I really am a believer that anything is possible and that life is too short to waste so many hours a day on something you don’t enjoy. Why not love EVERY moment of your life? I have so many friends who are always “working for the weekend,” and don’t think they deserve to be happy ALL THE TIME. We only become good at the things we practice every day, so if you’re practicing something you don’t love, you’re going to be pretty good at it whether you like it or not! What do you want to be GREAT at? Spend more time on that and make your wildest dreams reality.

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