Alyson & Brendan // Schenley Park Wedding

Last weekend, I had the privilege of capturing Alyson & Brendan’s wedding day with their close family and friends. Alyson and I had been corresponding all summer, and I thought we had never met before. When we finally made a date to talk wedding details, I realized that she was actually a waitress at one of my favorite Shadyside hangouts – the William Penn Tavern! I was beyond ecstatic when I found this out, as I am a huge fan of their infamous Kitchen Sink wings and have so many fond memories at the WPT (I was even more excited to find out that the whole staff was at the wedding!).

We were nervous about the fickle Pittsburgh rain, but luckily it held out for their beautiful wedding and special day. We started with an intimate ceremony at Alyson’s parents’ house in Penn Hills and then moved to Schenley Visitor’s Center for the reception. We stopped to capture some moments behind CMU, Alyson’s alma mater, and Flagstaff Hill, where the two lovebirds had their first date!

What I loved most about this wedding was that it was simple, yet wonderfully elegant. And most importantly, Alyson & Brendan were so calm and just ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the party…which is really what it’s all about, right?!




DSC_0046DSC_0078 DSC_0086 DSC_0096  DSC_0182 DSC_0190 DSC_0193 DSC_0207 DSC_0226

Signing the papers to make it official!

DSC_0493 DSC_0494 DSC_0519 DSC_0528 DSC_0578 DSC_0592 DSC_0603 DSC_0612 DSC_0618 DSC_0663 DSC_0711 DSC_0721 DSC_0778 DSC_0797 DSC_0811 DSC_0851 DSC_0866 DSC_0882 DSC_0908 DSC_0935 DSC_0960 DSC_0970

Loving the lanterns at the Schenley Visitor’s Center!


Alyson found a lot of inspiration on Etsy!DSC_0548 DSC_0553




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