Iceland // Day Three – Raufarholshellir, Seltun, Blue Lagoon

We didn’t have quite as beautiful weather on our third day, but it didn’t rain so we considered ourselves very lucky! Our first stop was Raufarholshellir, a beautiful cave that you can literally just walk into (with caution of course). There is a small sign outside of the cave with an unmarked parking lot, so it was a little difficult to find. When I saw photos of the cave from before, it was filled with snow and icicles, but unfortunately it was not cold enough for that yet, but still a cool experience.

Entrance to the cave…you pretty much just dive in!


DSC_0582 DSC_0587 DSC_0590

We met a lovely German couple at the entrance (the only other people there), and lent them our headlamps since it was pitch black in parts of the cave and you needed both hands to navigate. Afterward, they invited us to their camper for some “sour whale,” a traditional Icelandic food and also not very tasty. It was so delightful to meet fellow travelers and attempt to share stories from all of the Icelandic places we could not pronounce. DSC_0633


We learned quickly that Iceland is VERY small, even when you think you don’t know anybody. Our German friends had told us about going on this 2-3 hour hike that eventually took you to a “hot river,” aka a natural hot spring in the middle of the valley. It really did sound fantastic, and the whole time Art & I were totally set on going and told them we were going to go. However, upon stepping outside of their cozy camper van, we were not in the mood to do a 3 hour hike in the windy coldness. So we ended up driving to Seltun, a geothermal area, where we ended up seeing our German friends!  We tried to look away and not make eye contact…I can’t believe we were hiding in Iceland!

DSC_0656 DSC_0663 DSC_0692 DSC_0695 DSC_0699 DSC_0705 DSC_0712 DSC_0715 DSC01143 DSC01146 DSC01147 DSC01149 DSC01160

I was so excited for our final destination that day – the Blue Lagoon Spa! While probably the most touristy place in Iceland, it was not crowded at all and did not disappoint. Despite the confusing locker room changing and shower set-up, the lagoon itself was pretty magical and definitely relaxing. We did a lava scrub and silica mask which left our faces feeling oh, so smooth…

DSC01169 DSC01172 DSC01175 IMG_7217


2 thoughts on “Iceland // Day Three – Raufarholshellir, Seltun, Blue Lagoon

  1. A question for you! We are planning a similar route – Seltun to the blue lagoon on our final day in Iceland. How far are they apart? I’ve not been able to google map it properly!

    PS. Gorgeous pics, cannot wait to experience it myself

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