Jeremy & Arielle // Ligonier Wedding 4.20.13

When Jeremy & Arielle asked me to photograph their small, intimate wedding ceremony in Ligonier, I was so honored and excited. I actually met Jeremy in London of all places before our freshman year at CMU, and almost ten years later, and am now engaged to his freshman year roommate! How the time flies…

Jeremy & Arielle are two of the kindest, strongest people I know, and I admire both of them so much. This gathering of family and friends was a last minute endeavor (put together quite beautifully), since Arielle’s father, the late Dr. Stephen Klepper, was diagnosed with melanoma a few months earlier. He was one of the most amazing professors at CMU, known for his challenging freshman Economics class that Jeremy actually took. In true professor style, Dr. Klepper put together and delivered a brilliant speech, which they later played at their more formal wedding this past September at the Omni William Penn (there was not a dry eye in the house).

I cannot put into words how happy I am for Jeremy and Arielle, as they have truly been “battle-tested” (Jeremy was also diagnosed with lymphoma in 2010). Arielle could not have looked more stunning on both her wedding days, and I wish them both nothing but the best. To a happy, healthy, and loving life together!

DSC_0756 DSC_0746 DSC_0710


DSC_0784 DSC_0812 DSC_0823 DSC_0831 DSC_0843 DSC_0857 DSC_0878 DSC_0886 DSC_0891 DSC_0906 DSC_0920 DSC_0925 DSC_0935 DSC_0942 DSC_0953 DSC_0965 DSC_0968 DSC_0972 DSC_0988 DSC_1037 DSC_1054 DSC_1057  DSC_1068 DSC_1073 DSC_1093  DSC_1096  DSC_1114 DSC_1126 DSC_1130


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