lululemon athletica Ambassadors // Sally & Joanna

I had the privilege of shooting two of the most amazing and inspiring women I know last week – Sally Sherman and Joanna Amelio. They are both lululemon athletica Ambasasdors, and are extraordinary yet so modest. Look for these photos soon on lululemon Ross Park’s walls!

Sally is a Baptiste-certified yoga teacher, and she just finished her first full marathon yesterady in training for an Ironman! All while battling melanoma. #FUcancer

We started our shoot in the greenery of North Park, trying to avoid BBQ’ers and runners, and managed to find a little bit of solice. Isn’t Sally’s smile contagious?

_DSC0159    _DSC0176 _DSC0201 _DSC0210 _DSC0231 _DSC0238 _DSC0259 _DSC0268 _DSC0283

We then headed up the hill in Sally’s silver Honda Fit (we drive the same car). After realizing it was going to be tough for me to run backwards while Sally rode her bike toward me, we decided that someone should drive the car down the hill, while I leaned out the window to get some great biking action shots…do what you have to do!

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset   _DSC0308 _DSC0345

We then headed up north to Wexford’s Village of Pine! Joanna opened up a barre studio called The Dailey Method a little over a year ago and inspires everyone she meets. She has a heart of gold, and is genuinely interested in everything you have to say (and remembers it too!). Not to mention she has pretty solid abs and arms from doing this workout everyday, while making it look so easy (I can tell you it is not!). Check out her studio sometime to see this gorgeous smile in person!

_DSC0474    _DSC0428

_DSC0415 _DSC0417 _DSC0423  _DSC0461  _DSC0533 _DSC0553 _DSC0590 _DSC0591


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