Jake & Antonina // Mexican War Streets Engagement

I am so excited to share the this engagement shoot with you! Jake & Antonina are one of those couples that you can just tell are SO IN LOVE. I even started tearing up while editing this shoot because they were just so darn cute (disclaimer: One Republic’s “Good Life” started playing on Pandora while I was doing this so that may have been the tipping point).

Thanks to all the houses who let us borrow their doorsteps for this shoot!

_DSC3030_DSC2816_DSC2820_DSC2839_DSC2900  _DSC2904_DSC2944   _DSC3019   _DSC2959_DSC3024_DSC2973  _DSC2977 _DSC2990  _DSC2995 _DSC3004_DSC3014    _DSC3033 _DSC3044 _DSC3103 _DSC3110 _DSC3117     _DSC3130   _DSC3137 _DSC3141 _DSC3222 _DSC3240




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