Why It’s Important to Take Photographs


I spent the last few days backing up months of work, the un-fun side of my job. As I was looking through all my past work, I was overcome by a huge moment of gratitude that reminded me why I love to do this. Not only for other people and my clients, but also for myself. I’m always the one on trips taking an extra five (or twenty) minutes to capture some shots, and I’ve never regretted it once. I’m not suggesting to live your life behind a lens, but enjoy the moment and also take the time to take a piece with you to reflect upon later.

I’ve loved being able to look back on all my photographs almost like an adult version of a yearbook. With everything digital these days, I try to make photo books or print my favorite photographs from trips and events. Just as I was letting my mind get the best of me thinking it’s already August and that I haven’t done enough this year…I was able to look back at the past two years in appreciation of all the universe has given me.

2013 – ran my first half marathon. camped in yosemite. flew to seattle for a doggy photoshoot. got engaged in iceland.

2014 – completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training. bought a house. traveled to taiwan. celebrated a friend’s wedding in croatia….(more to come)

So whether your a hobbyist or professional, I encourage you to take some time to take some time to reflect and be grateful- whether your photos are taken on a fancy DSLR or an iPhone. I bet you will be surprised how amazing your time has been! 


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